IBM Rebrand


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Brand Identity
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IBM’s Smarter Planet initiative seeks to achieve global economic growth, efficiency, sustainability and societal progress through smarter systems and use of technology. The problem was that this initiative was only communicated to other businesses and governmental agencies that the company partnered with. Its efforts to improve the world have gone unnoticed by the group that stands the chance of benefiting from these advancements the most – the general public.

By expanding its focus to a wider audience, IBM is able to gain the trust and support of the public, therefore making its efforts to create a better world a much more believable goal. Its brand is now human, unified, and a part of the city’s visual landscape. It’s not seen as a big technological conglomerate anymore, but a trustful protector of the world that actively seeks to make it better, smarter and safer.

The posters portray chaos getting organized into order; symbolizing how IBM gathers countless fragmented data and makes sense of it using their technology.

IBM is the first company in the world to use flexible, paper-thin OLED displays for their business cards. This adds a new level of depth into an otherwise static, non-interactive stationery material. By making each card special and unique, the recipient of the card will hold on to it longer; reducing waste & printing costs.

The bottom graphic animates in procedurally generated motion. Each issued business card has a different movement & color arrangement, making each one unique.  The animation is triggered only when the card is picked up; if it’s resting on a surface or is in your pocket, it will remain static.

The back of the business card also animates and is affected by the speed of the cards movement.  It will remain static if there’s no interaction with it.