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Robert Cha
Charlene Chen

We want to create a new kind of traveler; one that does not want to follow the existing regimented tourist structure and a type of person that the local Berliner would grow to love. We are about anti-tourism.

We crafted a system that will attract the right kind of people to Berlin; the "mad" ones, the ones who don’t want fixed plans and schedules. The ones who care more about the journey and the people they met along the way rather than the final destination. Our experience provides the open-ended framework to allow that type of organic traveling. It's intuitive and flexible enough to adapt to any choice you might make, while still being out of your way when you want it to be.

The experiences we design are custom tailored to each person, taking into account their personality and interests. But, they are never definite and exact. In the end, you are the one who ultimately guides the story in the direction you want. It gives you the option to be as spontaneous and autonomous as you can possibly be in an unfamiliar place, while still making the best use of your limited time.

The project has been recognized by the Type Directors Club and is included in  TDC: Typography 36.

Drawing inspiration from Paul Kalkbrenner's movie Berlin Calling, I started recording interesting bits of audio on my daily subway commute and arranging / resampling them into rhythmic soundscapes. The video was recorded by leaning my phone against the window of the train, which I then edited to sync with the audio; portraying how one might feel on a Sunday morning train, going home after spending the last 16 hours in one of many Berlin's night clubs.